Outdoor ⛰ Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Portable Speaker

Outdoor ⛰ Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Portable Speaker

It’s Portable, easy-to-use compact design, Class – G double charge pump audio power amplifier.

Get yours here: Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Portable Speaker

If you are a lover of music and you are always Outdoors and you want to bring that music with you on your walks then this is for you to have with you.

Get yours here: Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo Portable Speaker

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Smartwatch Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Smartwatch ⌚Waterproof Fitness Tracker.

Get Yours Here: Smartwatch fitness Tracker
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We are proud to announce that ” SELFIE LIGHT 93 ” Selfie Effect for Instagram users by @techbase93 (on Instagram) is now Public for any one to use on their Video stories and Selfies

We would like to thank : @badbonaxxchi (on Instagram ) for being part of this demonstration video.

TRY IT ON YOUR INSTAGRAM 》https://www.instagram.com/a/r/?effect_id=444276199764400

Description info:
This Seflie Effect gives you a nice glow on your face with a mixture of colors when you open instagram front camera and you only have to move your face up,down,left & right to capture your face nicely ,it enhances your videos and pictures

This Seflie Effect / Filter was designed for Selfie Ring Light ( For TikTok ,Instagram ,Facebook ) which is on our Webshop you can purchase it using the discount code below
Coupon Code: tb93_15%Off


To try the Effect click the link below.

TRY IT ON YOUR INSTAGRAM 》https://www.instagram.com/a/r/?effect_id=444276199764400


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Where to Buy/Shop online in 2019-2020

https://techbase93.com is an online E-commerce company Based in South Africa offering various cutting edge tech products including Featured Brands, Consumer Electronics, Home Gadgets, Electric & Tools, Lighting, Outdoors, and watch in stock with unbeatable prices and Reassuring quality. Our Aims to be a Large integrated Online Shopping Platform to provide customers with a wide range of products and a quality customer experience!

1. Best Prices

TechBase93.com serves a various of products & have driven continuous cost saving in Shopping with us, you can get 10-70% off than other online websites. Of course, when you browse our products in TechBase93.com, if you find our product price is higher than others, please email us on ‘ Support@techbase93.com’ or Get in Touch with our 24/7 Customer Support via Whatsapp & TechBase93.com will review it and adjust the price accordingly.

2. Product Variability

Shenzhen, with its strong new product introduction and producing capability, has been playing a major role in the international market. where most of our supplier is located, TechBase93 takes advantage of those benefits and continuously introduce quality products , reliable & unbeatable prices to satisfy customers demand.

TechBase93 regards “to meet customer’s changing demand” as our purpose, We track the top sellers in worldwide E-market & continuously communicate with customers to know what they really need. This also improves our products popularity.

3. Optimized Shipping Process

TechBase93 enjoys an optimized procedure to shorten the time from payment receiving order confirmation, sales order printing and shipping. Moreover, our strong supply chain management also facilitates the shipping process. Averagely, shopping with us your order will be shipped within 1-2 days earlier than other websites.

4. Competitive Quality

TechBase93.com chooses products to sell based on their excellent designs and proven hardware reliability. Our products are not only uniquely designed, but also made with durable materials, with mechanism to feedback quality status and drive continuous quality improvement.

5. Consumer Products

TechBase93.com has Quality Consumer Electronics, as we focus on giving best electronics products to our customers. We have Strong & stable supply chain to provide the latest Electronics Products including Camera, Flash Drives, Game Accessories, Chargers & Cables and so on. We plan to them with our latest products. Not only the quality, but also the Unbeatable Prices.

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